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Here are links for many of my favorite manga titles. Most of these can also be found on The Open Directory Project at The Open Directory project is a great resource for all kinds of subjects found on the web.

3x3 Eyes

3 x 3 Eyes

3x3 Eyes Page
Story information
3x3 Eyes Digest
Introduction, FAQ, News, Mailing List, Archives, Product information.
Lady Sakura's 3x3 Eyes Page
Story synopsis, picture gallery, character biographies, fan fiction.
3x3 Eyes - Eternal Youth of Sanjiyan Unkara
Story information, picture gallery, music, fan art.

Appleseed Pic


Appleseed Page
Story information
Studeo Proteus FAQs Page
Details how an Appleseed 5 project was started but will probably never be finished.

Battle Angel Alita

Battle Angel Alita

Battle Angel Alita Page
My page summarizing some basic facts about Gally.
Gunnm: Last Order Page
A summary of chapter 1 from the new Gunnm: Last Order series
Yukito Kishiro's Official Web Site
Official web site for Yukito Kishiro - author of Battle Angel Alita, Ashen Victor, Aquaknights.
Gunnm: Broken Angel
Story information for manga and anime, fan fictions.
Hyper Future Vision: Gunnm
Story info and chapter summaries, pictures.
Seraphim of the Scrapyard
Battle Angel Alita fan fictions.
The Underbudgeted Battle Angel Alita Page
Story information, chapter information, picture gallery, fan fictions.
The Motorball Poet's Page
Info on the world of Battle Angel Alita. Fan fictions too.
Gunnm Bijutsukan
Large image gallery.
Guzman's Battle Angel Alita Page
Battle Angel Alita story overview, picture gallery, links.
Huna's Battle Angel Alita Page
Story overview, links.
Doctor Ido's Battle Angel Page
Picture galleries for Doc Ido, Alita, Ashen Victor (Yukito's Motorball manga).
The Ultimate Gunnm Archive
Extensive picture galleries, fan art, fan fiction, multimedia, links.
Soz's Battle Angel Alita Page
Character info, image galleries, chapter synopses, links.
Angel Idol
Cross-over fan-fiction involving Battle Angel Alita with Key the Metal Idol.

Cannon God Exaxxion

Cannon God Exaxxion

Cannon God Exaxxion Page
Story overview and background material.
C. Hoffman's Exaxxion Page
Has excellent chapter summaries.
Animefringe: Features: Cannon God Exaxxion
Story overview, character descriptions.
Dark Horse's Cannon God Exxaxion page
Warning: this site has the rather annoying property that once you jump to it, you can't jump back.


CLAMP's Chobits
Introduction, character profiles, translations, images, creator information, merchandise, and links.
Pure Heart
Series overview, character profiles, image gallery, cosplay costume images, wallpapers, and links. [Requires frames]
Story overview, character information, picture galleries, links.
A Shrine to Chi

The Dirty Pair - by Adam Warren

Dirty Pair

Dirty Pair Page
Story summaries, Dirty Pair statistics, Adam Warren bio.
Studio Proteus FAQ's page - Adam Warren
Studio Proteus' info on Adam Warren's Dirty Pair work and other projects.
Beer Blast in Elenore City
Nozmo's excellent page about all things Dirty Pair - the original novels, the classic anime, Adam Warren's American Dirty Pair comics, and Dirty Pair Flash.
Mr. Wolfie's Adam Warren Online Shrine
Adam Warren biography and bibliography. Artwork by Adam Warren - some published and some original sketches.
Serious but not Fatal
Adam Warren's version of Dirty Pair - story info, artist info, picture gallery, links.
Ex: Interview with Takachiho Haruka
Interview with Takachiho Haruka, the original creator of the Dirty Pair, plus overview and discussion of various Dirty Pair animes.
Lovely Dirty Pair: Kei and Yuri
Story overview, character information, TV anime episode listing, links.
Ryan Mathews' Dirty Pair Stories
Fan fictions.
Toy News and Reviews: Dirty Pair Action Figures
Review of articulated Dirty Pair action figures based on Adam Warren's Kei and Yuri.
Dirty Pair
More than I ever wanted to know about Dirty Pair Flash.

Dominion Tank Police

Dominion: Tank Police

Dominion Tank Police Page
Story overview, character bios.
Studeo Proteus FAQs Page
Details how a Dominion 3 project will probably never be done.

Futaba-kun Change

Futaba-kun Change

Futaba-kun Change Page
Story overview, character info.
The best resource for Futaba-kun Change - story info, character bios.
Studio Ironcat
Official publishing site for Futaba-kun Change in English
Rumika's Futaba-kun Change page
Extensive library of scans, chapter summaries of the graphic novels published in English so far, an analysis that compares Futaba to Ranma, and some wallpapers and WinAmp skins that Rumika created.
The Ultimate Manga Guide: Aro Hiroshi Page
Bio for Aro Hiroshi, the manga author of Futaba-kun Change, with a bibliography of his works.
Team Rocket's Futaba-kun Change wall papers
Some Futaba-kun Change themed wall papers.
Dark Childe's Futaba-kun Change Page
Currently only gives me a "403 Denied" page.

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell Page
Plot summary and character info.
Ghost in the Shell 2 Page
Some pages in Japanese and upcoming news of release.'s Ghost in the Shell Page
Plot Synopsis, Characters, Preview, Credits, and a Links List.
Toren Smith's Studeo Proteus, Feb. 2001, Manga Newswatch column
News on upcoming Ghost in the Shell 2 translations and possible movie.
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Production I.G.'s web page announcing the Ghost in the Shell TV anime series knows as "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex".
Les traductions de Ghost in the Shell 2
First 24 pages of Ghost in the Shell 2: Man/Machine Interface - translated into English.

Great Teach Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka Page
Chapter summaries and pics from books 1-3.
Kodansha Bilingual Comics
Published three GTO tankoubon in bilingual editions.
Great Website Onizuka
Profile, poll, images, summaries, character profiles, multimedia, mailing list, and links.
Great Teacher Onizuka Manga Scans
Translated manga scans, character profiles.
Urumi and Kikuchi's Website
Story overview, character profiles, images, and links - with emphasis on Kikuchi and Urumi - two of Onizuka's students.
Tetris no Miko GTO Website
Story overview, character info, comparisons of manga to anime, manga chapter summaries, anime episode translations.
Another Great Teacher Onizuka Fansite
In the process of moving hosts.
Another Great Teacher Onizuka Fansite: GTO History and Facts
Appears to be the above site, moved and redone.
Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO - Dickson)
Screenshots from live action movie.
Animefringe: Features: Great Teacher Onizuka
Anime review, character information. Great Teacher Onizuka
Live action movie story line, characters, pictures.
Splash - A Great Teacher Onizuka Site
Artwork, links, and character profiles. [Flash]

Gunsmith Cats

Gunsmith Cats

Gunsmith Cats Page
My page with character bios, pics of the cars they drive, and some plot discussion.
The Unofficial Australian Guide to Gunsmith Cats
A really cool page with Character Bios, Armaments Summaries, Car Details, some Episode Summaries, and a Links List.
Rally Vincent's Gunsmith Cats Page
Character information, weapons and cars descriptions, picture gallery, and a biography on Kenichi Sonoda; the creator of Gunsmith Cats.
Chasing the Dragon fanfiction a.k.a.Madame Manga's fanfiction
A fan-fiction involving the Gunsmith Cats characters. Rally ends up chasing Bean Bandit around California while he tries to collect money from someone who double crossed him.
Nightfall's Riding Bean Page
Plot summary of Riding Bean, the precursor OAV that eventually evolved into Gunsmith Cats - character biographies, picture gallery, and .mov files.
Alyx's Riding Bean Page
Summary, character profiles, images, and Gunsmith Cats information.
Rally Vincent and Misty Browns Shrine of Love
Shrine to the relationship between Rally and Misty. Profiles, images, message board, fan works, wallpaper, and links.

Love Hina

Love Hina

Love Hina Page
Story overview, character info, picture gallery.
Ken Akamatsu's web site
The author's official web site - Japanese only.
Kodansha Bilingual Comics
Published eight Love Hina tankoubon in bilingual editions.
The New Hinata-sou
Ryo-Misaki's Love Hina page - Story lines, character bios, and links.
Hinastar pic
A nice fan site - Story summaries, pictures, character summaries.


Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion Page
Story summary and discussion, character bios, picture galleries.
Terminal Dogma II
Thanks to Orimono-Shujin, and his web page, an excellent source of images and information.
The Black Box
Info on characters, NERV, SEELE, the angels, the evas, episode summaries, and fan fictions.
Guide to Neon Genesis Evangelion
Character info, episode synopsis, info on NERV, SEELE, and about Second and Third Impact.
Neon Genesis Evangelion Corporation
Evangelion news and information, character and eva information, picture gallery, games, "Iron Maiden" video game info, Evangelion mp3's.
Neon Genesis Evangelion: New Century Gospel
Story, scripts, character info, news, End of Evangelion
Was a nice site, but I'm getting "You are not authorized" errors now.
Ex: Movie Review of "End of Evangelion"
Review and insights into "End of Evangelion".
Neon Genesis Evangelion Revelation
Site currently appears to be down. I am trying to find if they have a new location.
Neon Genesis Evangelion Version 2.2
Images, sounds, desktop things, fanfiction
Saffron: A Shrine to Asuka
Information and images for Asuka Langley, the "Second Child".
Evangelion FAQ Page
Characters, Movies, Angels, Voice Actors, Links, Lyrics, Merchandise, Fanfics
Disaster's Fan Fiction
Fan Fictions, Pictures, wallpapers, and fan art galleries.
Mark's Shrine to Asuka Langley
Asuka Langley biography, Eva Unit-2 info, and picture gallery.
Tales of Apartment 402
Devoted to Evangelion fan-fics, primarily Shinji and Rei. Nice forum too.
Episode summaries, character info, Girlfriend of Steel game info, etc.
Neon Genesis Evangelion Live Action Movie
Evangelion live action movie news, rumors, and forums.
Second Impact.Net
Evangelion reviews, editorials, profiles of characters and angels, fan-fictions,
Evangelion overview, releases, character info, image galleries, links.
Reisworld's Ayanami Gallery
Picture gallery devoted to Rei Ayanami.

Parasyte cover


Parasyte Page
Story overview, character info.
TokyoPop's Parasyte page
Story overview, character info, creator info, story previews.
Story overview, character biographies, images, and links.
Bleed Me Dry...a Parasyte Shrine
Story overview.
Comics2Film's page on the Parasyte live action movie
Details on Parasyte, a live action movie being produced.
Coming Attractions: Parasyte
Another page about the upcoming Parasyte live action movie.
Dan's Parasyte Site
Story overview, characters, a few pictures.

Ranma ˝

Ranma ˝

Tinman's Archive
Tinman's Ranma Colorization Project
Colorized picture gallery of B&W manga scans.
The New Ranma 1/2 Project
Scans of Ranma Tankoubon # 22-38, with English translations.

Video Girl Ai

Video Girl Ai

Video Girl Ai Page
Story overview.
Video Girl Ai Hate Censorship Page
Details art differences between initial and later versions of Video Girl Ai...covering more of Ai's body in subsequent editions.
Junta Momonari's page for all the works of Katsura (Video Girl Ai and Len, Shadow Lady, DNA2, I's, etc., in Spanish.

General Manga & Anime Fan Pages

Anime Tourist
Your travel guide to the world of anime.
CBel Manga Links
Page of links for various manga titles
Picture galleries for Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yuugi, Ranma 1/2, Vampire Princess Miyu, Magic Knight Rayearth, Slayers, Card Captor Sakura, El Hazard, Ghost in the Shell, X 1999, rurouni Kenshin, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Hamtaro, Kre Kano, Inyyasha, Gundam Wing.
Manga Translation Index
Points to translations for Ayashi No Ceres, Hani Yori Dango, Vampire Princess Miyu, Love Hina, Ruroni Kenshin, I"s, DNA2, Fushigi Yuugi, Chobits, Great Teacher Onizuka, Angel Sanctuary, Weiss Krauz: An Assassin and a White Shaman, and others.
Angel Icon
Anime wall papers.
Keiichi's Home Page
Anime wall papers.
Anime Viewers Association
Anime Viewers Association - a loose group of anime fans from deeper, darker heart of Georgia - info and opinions on Evangelion, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, cosplay. I think they are just getting started, but they show promise.

Miscellaneous Pages

Comic Covers comics trading forum
Great little forum for comics trading, selling, and comics discussion.
Hilarious web published comics - "The Third Wish" and "Your Half" by Taras Tymczyna. Check 'em out! They're free!
Lum's House of Dolls
Lum-chan's house of anime dolls and doll making.

Manga Links Pages

Anime Turnpike
A wide ranging anime resource, but not well updated recently.
Anime Pub
Now open - currently accepting links from webmasters.
Open Directory Project
A huge volunteer database of web sites on almost anything.

Online Comics & Anime Stores

Comics Etc.
New Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse Comic Books along with Back Issues. New Comic Books added every week.
APlusVCDDVD's Web Site
A source of some inexpensive, subtitled, Japanese-release anime titles.
But his shipping seems to be very slow these days.
Like he's taking an order and then ordering from the Far East himself.

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