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Live Action Evangelion Movie!

Artist conception for the Live Action Movie setMay 19, 2003 - It was announced at the Cannes Film Festival that Gainax, ADV Films, and Weta Workshop will be making a live action version of Neon Genesis Evangelion! ADV Films are a leading producer/distributor of Japanese anime in North America. Weta Studio is the movie studio based in New Zealand that was cofounded by and used for producing the Lord of the Rings movies. Unfortunately, Peter Jackson himself is unavailable for working on this film.

In the July 2003 issue of NewType Magazine (published by ADV Films) some graphics conceptions drawn by Weta Studio Artists were released.

Eva Unit helmet - artist conception for the Live Action MovieAsuka - artist conception for the Live Action Movie

Artist conception for the Live Action Movie set In NewType, NGE creator, Hideaki Anno, was quoted as saying "Evangelion was created with a very Japanese sensibility. In the live-action version, though, I suggested that the creators let their imaginations roam, unconstrained by the framework of the existing anime. There are some very surprising ideas in the new design plans - things I'd never even thought of before. I was amazed to encounter such different ways of thinking about the project. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the re-creation of the title."

Go to ADVFilms web siteand look for the announcement for May 20th, or check the DVDToons! Toon Headlines web site, or The Digitally Obsessed web site for further info.

One rumor has it that they will only try to put the first half of the TV series into one film. That would make sense, rather than trying to fit all of Evangelion into a two, or even three hour movie.

Evangelion Renewal Project!

Renewal of Evangelion 2003First, let us say what this is not. It is not a sequel or prequel to Evangelion. It is a complete remastering of Evangelion footage on a video and an audio level using technology that is available in 2003, vs. what had been available in the early 1990's when the series was first released on Japanese TV. The justification is to tell the Evangelion story like it was supposed to be seen. Oh yes. There will be lots of new merchandise released too. A friend of mine who recently visited Japan says he saw it on Japanese TV. The new version looked cleaner than the old, but the section he saw looked like the same story. It was a demo where they put up half the image from the old DVD and half from the new. He also says there is a new version of the game, Iron Maiden (see Mana Kirishima page) called Iron Maiden 2, coming out in Japan. He doesn't think that there will be an English version though. For more information, please see Frank Sanchez's article on AniPike.

Neon Genesis Evangelion, the Director's Cut

April 2003 - ADV Films announced that the firm will release the Director's Cut of the final six episodes Neon Genesis Evangelion. These Director's Cut episodes include additional footage, never before released in the U.S. If one owns the Hong Kong release of the Evangelion TV series, one can see some of the differences released in the Far East, vs. the U.S., in some of the later episodes.

ADV Films expects to release the Director's Cut in two three-episode DVD volumes; each volume will include both the extended Director's Cut versions and the original versions of the episodes. Release dates have not yet been announced.

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