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Rei Ayanami

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Rei as NERV agent Rei's character design.

Perhaps the greatest mystery of the Eva pilots is Rei Ayanami. She is the first child designated as an Eva pilot by the Marduk Institute.

The enigmatic first child comes off as very detached from everything except her work as an Eva pilot. When Shinji once asks "Why does she do this?", she answers "I have nothing else." She is dedicated to her work as an Eva pilot and her mission to destroy the angels.

Young Rei Rei in classroom.

Who is Rei Ayanami, really? Rei is a 14 year old girl, attending classes with other students in Tokyo-3. She comes off as very detached from life. She has attended the school for two years, and yet has no friends at the school. Nor does she seem to want any.

Rei, nude, unconcerned. Rei slaps Shinji.

Her air of detachment has led many Evangelion fans to become fascinated with her. Untouched by the ordinary world, there are those who wish to be her. In one episode, when Shinji encounters her coming out of the bath, nude, in her apartment, she is totally unconcerned with covering up, and instead snatches away a pair of Shinji's father's broken glasses that he had picked up in her apartment. She is not even mad about being intruded upon, but later, turns and slaps Shinji when he expresses doubt about his father's work.

Rei in her plug suit A rare Rei smile

The first time that Shinji actually sees Rei smile, it is when Rei is talking with Gendo Ikari about an activation test of her Eva that NERV is about to perform. She is very devoted to Gendo and follows his orders without hesitation. He, in turn, seems very reluctant to risk Rei, and would rather send his own son out to battle the angels. The episodes in which Rei battles angels are ones in which Misato orders her out, and generally Gendo is away.

Rei and Eva-00 Rei reborn.

By the end of the Evangelion TV series, one learns that Rei is a clone, and in fact, is a clone of a being that is a combination of DNA from Yui Ikari (Shinji's mother) and the angel, Lilith. No wonder Gendo seems to tend to her more lovingly than to anyone else.

Rei is killed during a battle with the 16th angel in episode 23. In this battle, Asuka is no longer able to even synchronize with her Eva, and Shinji is out of commission and in danger of his life. Rei uses her AT field to neutralize the 16th angel's AT field, and then activates an N2 mine, destroying both of them. Even then, she doesn't stay dead because there are more clone bodies that can be activated and Rei returns in Death, Rebirth, and End of Evangelion. The Rei clone bodies are actually revealed to be part of the dummy plug system, but are destroyed in the final TV episodes by Dr. Ikagi.

Rei as an angel Rei as an angel

When Rei returns in the final Evangelion movies, she is a new clone, and this Rei seems to have a somewhat different personality. With NERV crashing down around them, Gendo takes the new Rei into the heart of NERV where Lilith, the second angel, is crucified to the wall. It is apparent that Gendo expects her to merge with Lilith, taking him with her, but she just says "I'm not your doll," and merges alone. She is reborn as a new angel (yet still human), a gigantic being that is part of Seele's Human Instrumentality Project, which is supposed to bring all of humanity into a sort of giant Godhead, eliminating all human individuality.

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More Rei Ayanami Pictures

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Rei & Unit-00
Rei & Unit-00
The 3 sides of Rei
3 Sides of Rei
Rei & Unit-00
Rei & Unit-00
Rei in her school uniform
Rei & Unit-00
Rei knocking
Rei knocking
Rei & snow fall
Rei & snow fall
Rei in plug suit
Rei in plug suit
Rei & the moon
Rei & the Moon
Rei & the Lance of Longinus
Rei & the Lance of Longinus

Rei Ayanami Wall Papers (1024x768)

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Rei Background pic - 1024x768
Rei Title Pic
Rei Background pic - 1024x768
Rei & a sea of dreaming Reis
Rei Background pic - 1024x768
3 Sides of Rei
Rei & Pen-Pen - 1024x768
Rei & Pen-Pen
Rei Smiling - 1024x768
Rei Smiling
Rei Triptich - 1024x768
A Rei Triptich
Rei alone - 1024x768
Rei alone
Rei glancing around - 1024x768
Rei glancing around
Rei, beyond her heart - 1024x768
Rei, beyond her heart
Ayanami, vessel of a soul - 1024x768
Ayanami, vessel of a soul
Rei looking about - 1024x768
Rei looking about
Rei, sitting - 1024x768
Rei, sitting
Rei & NERV - 1024x768
Rei & NERV
Rei in evening dress - 1024x768
Rei in evening dress
Rei in plug suit - 1024x768
Rei in plug suit
Rei & the moon - 1024x768
Rei & the moon
Rei & NERV - 1024x768
Rei & NERV
Rei & school girl outfit - 1024x768
Rei & school girl outfit
Bandaged - 1024x768
Evening dress - 1024x768
Evening dress
Thoughtful - 1024x768
Doomchild - 1024x768
Thinking - 1024x768
Dreaming - 1024x768
Rei in Japanese outfit - 1024x768
Rei in Japanese outfit
Rei & Pen Pen - Tokyo3 background - 1024x768
Rei & Pen Pen - Tokyo3 background
Rei - wistful - 1024x768
Rei - wistful
Darkly Rei - 1024x768
Darkly Rei
Rei & Pen Pen - 1024x768
Rei & Pen Pen
Waving Rei - 1024x768
Wistful - 1024x768
Rei & the moon - 1024x768
Rei & the moon
Sadamoto art - 1024x768
Sadamoto's art

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