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Misato Katsuragi Picture Gallery

Captain Misato Katsuragi assumes a role of double importance in Neon Genesis Evangelion. As Operations Manager, she often is the one who has to come up with a battle plan for how the Evas will fight the angels, or other threats to NERV and Tokyo-3. In this role, she assumes a sort of guardianship of the 14 year olds who are the designated Eva pilots. She even takes Shinji and Asuka into her own apartment.

Who is Captain Katsuragi? She is the daughter of one of the scientists investigating the two giant alien beings found in Antarctica, Adam and Lilith. She was a 14 year old girl when she was with her father at Antarctic Station at the time of Second Impact. Realizing what was about to happen, her father place her in a tube that he fired out to sea. When Second Impact occurred, she was the only survivor of Antarctic Station.

Misato spent two years in a state of shock, hardly talking. It was later commented that when she passed out of this phase, that one could hardly get her to shut up. She went to college, had a relationship with Kaji that she later regretted, and eventually joined NERV, where she is absolutely dedicated in the fight against the angels.

Professionally, Misato is an extremely sharp strategist, often coming up with plans that successfully destroy angel after angel. Due to her success, she is promoted to become the NERV Operations Manager and becomes a Major early in the series. On a personal level, Misato is a mess. She lives for fast food and beer. When Shinji moves in with her, it often becomes a situation of Shinji doing the cooking and taking care of Misato instead of the other way around.

Misato Katsuragi Pictures

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Misato Pix
Join NERV! Save humanity!
Misato Pix
Misato swings!
Misato Pix
Misato in action!
Misato Pix
Misato - "I think I'll have another."
Misato Pix
Misato and her pet penguin.
Misato Pix
Misato kisses Shinji good-bye.
Misato Pix
Beer, the breakfast of champions!
Misato Pix
Misato Swings!
Misato Pix
Misato - uncharacteristically modest.
Misato Pix
Misato - Swimsuit edition.
Misato Pix
Monica - eat your heart out.
PenPen, Misato's pet warm springs penguin.

Misato's faults are many. She knows that she is stunningly attractive and takes full advantage of it, but never lets it get in the way of her doing her job. She flaunts it, but not to those who aren't receptive.

Misato also clearly believes that beer is the breakfast of champions. She's a slob in her personal life at home, often leaving Shinji with the chores of keeping the house clean and food in the fridge. These foibles only make her all the more human.

Misato Katsuragi Wall Papers (1024x768)

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Misato in a bikini - 1024x768
Mother figure? - 1024x768
Mother figure?
Misato & Eva - 1024x768
Misato & Eva
Misato salutes - 1024x768
Swirling clouds - 1024x768
Swirling clouds
Misato & NERV - 1024x768
Misato & NERV
Spilled drink - 1024x768
Spilled drink
Misato in a Japanese robe - 1024x768
Japanese robe
Nothing will stop her - 1024x768
Nothing will stop her

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