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Episode 25: AIR

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Asuka catatonic SCENE - Shinji In The Hospital, Asuka Lying In Bed

Shinji: Both Misato and Ayanami are scary.. Help me.. Help me, Asuka. Hey.. wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Hey.. Hey.. Asuka.. Asuka.. ASUKA! Help me. Help me. Help me. Help me! Call me a fool, just like every other day! (Shinji pulls Asuka.. shirt opens.. Shinji promptly does his deed) I'm really terrible.

TITLE SCREEN: Episode 25: Air

SCENE - Nerv HQ (Control Centre)

Maya (Off screen): What the..? Not allowed to go outside?

Makoto (Off screen): It's a First Level Alert.

Maya (Off screen): Why the alert? That kid should have been the last angel.

Shigeru: Yes. All the angels have already been destroyed.

Makoto: Isn't there supposed to be peace, now?

Maya: Even Ritsuko-sempai isn't here.

Shigeru: I guess NERV will be shut down now. I don't even know what they'll do to us.

Makoto (Off screen): Before we have an executive order, we can only wait.

SCENE CHANGE - Misato's Car

Misato: A disorganized army wants to make the hopeless humans become one - a perfect single-body creature. The Instrumentality Project - artificial evolution. The project simply creates a perfect world. (Off screen) Because of that, the members of the commitee is planing to keep on using not Adam, not NERV, but the Eva. Exactly as Kaji-kun predicted.


SEELE 01 (Keel): The apointed time has come. We've lost the Longinus Lance now. We cannot use Lilith to complete the project anymore. Hopefully, we will use Lilith's only clone, EVA, to complete the mission.

Gendou: That is different from SEELE's schedule.

Kouzou: But, the reason of the existence of humans is to create EVA.

Gendou: Humans should evolve into a new world. That's the purpose of creating the EVA series.

SEELE 09: We are planning to get a ride on the Ark called EVA, but it will not change our human shape.

SEELE 12: It is only a transition ceremony. To cause the rebirth in those who are imprisoned.

SEELE 05: The fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth.

SEELE 04: God, humans, and all other life forms use death to become one.

Gendou: Death can not give birth to anything.

SEELE 01 (Keel): Then I will save death for you all.


Kouzou: Humans live because they want to life with purpose. That's why she wants to stay in EVA.

SCENE CHANGE - Rei sleeping in her apartment.


SCENE CHANGE - Shinji listening to his music..

(No subs)

SCENE CHANGE - The new lake (The ruins of Tokyo-3)

(No subs)

SCENE CHANGE - Computer Room in NERV

Misato hacking into NERV's computers Misato: Ah! So this is the reason for the second impact. (Screen flashes) Did someone catch me!? No, that's not it? It has started.


Announcement Speaker: There is an enemy invasion!

Kouzou: Change to blue emergency communcation, immediately! Use the sattelite, even! So what is the situation on the right side?

Person on Phone: No way! All outgoing communcations have been blocked!

Kouzou: The target of the enemy is the MAGI?

Shigeru: Data is being entered from all the outside networks. They are invading the MAGI system.

Kouzou: Just as I thought. Is it a local invasion?

Shigeru: No, the signal is from the same kind of system. Germany, China, United States - invasions verified.

Kouzou: SEELE used all their force. The difference in power is 5 to 1. This is really bad.

Shigeru (Off screen): The 4th defense area has been breached.

Makoto: Main database - locked! (Shot of Kouzou) It is impossible to stop the invasion!

Maya (Off Screen): It has entered the deeper level. (On screen) Even the back-up system can not stop it.

Kouzou (thinking): This is bad. Capturing the MAGI system is equal to capturing everthing.

SCENE CHANGE - Ritsuko in her cell, a person appears at the door.

Ritsuko: I understand. It is MAGI's self-defense system.

Person at Door: Yes. For details, please ask Maya at the control center.

Ritsuko: When there is a need, even a dumped woman is usable. What a realistic person.

SCENE CHANGE - Misato approaching Control Center, with Cell Phone

Misato: What's the situation?

Person on Phone (Makoto): Good morning. Just from Tokyo-2: A801 has taken off.

Misato: 801?

[ NOTE: Special Order A-801 means the abolishment of the special legal protection towards the intelligence organization NERV, and the transfer of its command to the government of Japan. ]

Makoto: The special team has gotten the order and taken off. The mission is to capture this place, over!

(Elevator closes with a LOCK sign. Shot of the Control Room, Maya and Makoto)

Makoto: This is the last notice. Yes, MAGI is being hacked. So far, it's been controlled.

Maya: This is Maya. Dr. Akagi just went to the MAGI computer room.

(Misato appears on elevator)

Misato: Ritsuko?

(Ritsuko in Computer Room)

Ritsuko: Am I doing something silly? This is so illogical. Man and woman. Isn't that right? (looks up at Caspar) Mother..

(Control Room)

Misato: How much longer?

Makoto (Off Screen): It should be just in time.

(Makoto continues, while Misato thinks)

Makoto: Dr. Akagi is amazing, Misato: Everyone is new, a manual of 120 pages... It won't be this simple, I guess...

Kouzou: Capturing the MAGI is only the first wave. The bastards goal is to take over headquarters and directly capture the two EVAs that are left.

Gendou: Yes, Lilith, and also Adam, are in our hands.

Kouzou: No wonder the old men are so worried.

(Screen flashes.. MAGI systems turn green)

Maya: The MAGI invasion has been stopped. B7-type defense system has been executed. There's no way we can be invaded for the next 62 hours.

(Scene changes to Ritsuko in the computer room)

Ritsuko: Mother, see you in a while.

SCENE CHANGE - SEELE council room (SEELE columns)

SEELE 09: Ikari applied the 666 protection program on the MAGI system. It is not easy to get through that.

SEELE 07: Looks like we have to cease contact with the MAGI.

SEELE 01: I wanted to solve this peacefully, but now that's impossible. Take over the entire headquarters directly, immediately!

SCENE CHANGE - Highway by the Lake

Army Person: Begin, just as planned.

(Army guys pop up.. planes fly.. missle are shot.. all hell breaks loose)

SCENE CHANGE - NERV Headquarters (Control Center)

Maya (Off screen): Relay Stations 6 to 17 have gone silent.

Shigeru: A huge army of enemies is attacking for the outer defense line. (Off screen)

Makoto (Off screen): Another huge army is approaching from the back of the mountain.

Kouzou: I see. The final enemy is also human.

Gendou: Everyone, go to First Level Battle Status.

Maya: Battle Status? (Whispered) The enemy isn't an Angel, they are human.

Makoto: (Whispered) But the enemy won't think that way.

SCENE CHANGE - NERV Headquarters (Various places)

(War scene.. guy at door gets stabbed in the back)

1st NERV Soldier: Hey, what's the matter?

2nd NERV Soldier: What's going on?

3rd NERV Soldier: The south entrance...

(Explosion.. lots of black suited army dudes move in for some killing.)

SCENE CHANGE - NERV (Control Center)

Shigeru (On speaker): First gateway can not be used. The west storage room is on fire! The invading army has entered at the first level.

Misato: The army attacking the west side is a decoy, if the real goal is to take over the EVA. They will be going after the pilots for sure. Ask Shinji to be ready at EVA-01.

Makoto: Affirmative.

Misato: Where's Asuka?

Shigeru: In recovery room 303.

Misato (Off Screen): It doesn't matter. Put her in EVA-02.

Maya: But her synchronization with EVA hasn't improved yet.

Misato: That's why she's more likely to be killed. The best place to hide her is EVA-02's entry plug.

Maya: Affirmative. (Continues talking, but shot changes to Misato)

Misato: After we've protected Asuka hide EVA-02 at the underground storage room. Although it will be discovered immediately, it is better being shot at. Where's Rei?

Shigeru: Couldn't find her. Unable to locate her.

Misato: She will be killed. Find her, quickly.

(Shot of Rei in her tank of goo. Shot then goes to EVA-02)

Makoto (Off screen): EVA-02 launched from tunnel number 8. Stablized at column 7.

Misato: Launch EVA-01 immediately afterwords. Locate at outside!

Shigeru: We haven't found the pilot yet.

Misato: What's the matter?

Speaker System: Second Level has been locked down entirely. All non-offensive forces, retreat from level 87.

Shigeru (Off Screen): Underground Level 3 has been taken over. Invading Level 2.

Kouzou: They are attacking level by level. It is only a matter of time before they take us over completely.

Gendou: Fuyutsuki-sensei, take care of things here.

Kouzou: I understand. Say hi to Yui for me.

(Scenes of war and death and violence and other stuff.)

(Back to the Control Room.)

Speaker System: Second Level, no response. Control Room 77, no contact. Single-track train #52 destroyed. (Shot of Misato and Makoto)

(Speaker continue talking, Makoto speaks up..)

Makoto: This is horrible. Angels are much easier than them.

Misato (thinking): No wonder, I guess it won't be to long, until everyone has been killed.

(More shots of death and destruction)

(Back to Control Room.)

NERV Person: Level 3 Area B has been invaded. No way to defend. (Off screen) Area F has enemies too. Entire area has been taken over.

Misato: Totally seal off Level 3, as well. Offensive teams, retreat. Release bakelite into all the entrances leading to Section 803.

Shigeru: Affirmative.

(Shot of Bakelite being released, speaker mumbling..)

Misato: Hopefully this will slow down the enemy.

Makoto: Major Katsuragi, pipe #47 has been cut. Impossible to enter. If that's so, Shinji will be...

(Shot changes to Shinji hiding)

Misato (On Speaker): All non-offensive staff please avoid close combat.

(Shot changes to Misato loading her gun)

Misato: The enemies are professionals. If you can not fight them, surrendering is better. Sorry, take care of things here. (whispered to Makoto)

Makoto: Sure.


1st Soldier: Unexpectedly difficult.

2nd Soldier: We don't have easy jobs.

SCENE CHANGE - Back in the Control Room

Makoto: There something wrong with this situation. There isn't a defensive system against humans here.

Shigeru: It's only a matter of time.

Makoto: If it is a real war, the equipment here can not handle it.

Shigeru: Think about it. They've been decreasing the funding for the defensive system. This has probably been planned from the beginning.

Makoto: That's possible.

(Explosion in Control Center.. troops move in..)

Shigeru: Open the safety lock.

Maya: I...I don't know how to use a gun.

Shigeru: Just pretend this is training. We did this alot.

Maya: But they are human!

Shigeru: Idiot! If you don't shoot, you will die!


SCENE CHANGE - Rei, standing by her tank.

Gendou (Off Screen): Rei. You're really here.

Gendou (On Screen): The appointed time has come. Let's go.


1st Soldier (Off Screen): Level 1 under control.

2nd Soldier (Off Screen): We are still taking over the 2nd level's control rooms. We are fighting their combatants now.

3rd Soldier (Off Screen): Everyone, ready to charge.

Female On Speaker: If you discover an EVA pilot, kill them. Unconditional execution of non-offensive staff is allowed.

Soldier On Speaker: Special Team, charge into the mechanics room.

(Shot of Shinji, hiding)

1st Soldier: We found a pilot. Execute immediately. Don't blame me, kid.

(Misato charges in to the rescue) Misato to the Rescue

Misato: Don't blame me, either. Come on. Let's go to EVA-01.

(Misato turns on radio, spying on enemy)

Speaker: What is the situation of Team 7? We found the purple one. Retrieving it isn't a problem. Looks like the red one has been launched. We are currently searching for the launch path used.

Misato: Oh no. They want to physically prevent contact between Shinji and EVA-01. I can't be careless now. Quick, Shinji. You want to escape from here, or go to EVA? Pick one.

(Shinji says nothing)

If you act this way, the only choice is death.

Shinji (whispering): Help me, Asuka.. Help me..

Misato: You are begging a woman to help you at a time like this! Escaping from reality.. lying to yourself! When you give up half way through something, it is the worst! So, stand up! Stand up!

Shinji (whispering): I.. I want to die. I don't want to do anything.

Misato: Why are you saying things like a loser? You are still alive! So, do all you can to keep yourself alive, and then die afterwards!

SCENE CHANGE - NERV (Control Room)

Kouzou: It doesn't matter. Forget about here. Disconnecting the main control room is the first priority.

(More shooting)

Makoto: Everything has been destroyed. So, why don't they destroy this place?

Shigeru: They wanted to take care of us in one blow, but below us the MAGI's prototype.

Makoto: Ah, so they want to keep it perfectly intact.

Shigeru: But we don't have any defense against BC weaponry. If they use it, than that would be bad.

[ NOTE: BC stands for Biological and Chemical. ]

Makoto: Why haven't they used an N2 bomb?

(And, as if by pure coincidence, they drop an N2 bomb)

Shigeru: Hmmm, we shouldn't have spoken..

Makoto: Do the bastards know what the danger is?

Kouzou: Hmm, this is foolishness.

Maya: Why do they want EVA this badly!?

SCENE CHANGE - Misato and Shinji in the car.

Misato: They want to cause the Third Impact not using humans, but with the EVA series. The Second Impact 15 years ago was caused by humans on purpose. They want to capture Adam and the egg before everyone awakens so the damage will be minimal. Shinji, we, humans, just like Adam, are born from a life-form called Lilith. We are the 18th Angel. The other Angels are other possibilities. of what humans could have become. However, it is so sad that we are repulsing each other, even the same kind of human.. Listen, Shinji. Destroy all the EVAs. This is the only way to keep yourself alive.

SCENE CHANGE - Office of the Prime Minister of Japan

PM: The phone doesn't work. (Shot of phone)

(Kanji that appears: New Tokyo-3)

Secretary: Yes. We've verified the impact of missles three minutes ago.

PM: NERV is secretly researching the Human Instrumentality Project. There purpose is to use the Third Impact to destroy us all. This is total bull shit.

Secretary: I'm afraid only humans are able to harm our own kind.

PM: Ok, the only thing left is to take care of NERV headquarter's data and equipment.

Secretary: Do you want Germany and China to re-develop them?

PM: We won't repeat the same error again. Seal them up for at least 20 years, just like old Tokyo.

SCENE CHANGE - Outside in the Geofront.

Soldier A: The radiating heat of the upper level has cooled down. The air is ok, too.

Soldier B: All the teams' relocation is completed.

Soldier C: We have have control of the purple one in the third storage room.

Soldier D: What about the red one?

Soldier C: We found it at column 702. Not sure if the pilot is alive or not.

Asuka reliving her childhoodSCENE CHANGE - Asuka in EVA-02 Entry Plug

Asuka: Still alive...

(Shot of missles firing)

Asuka: I don't want to die... I don't want to die... I don't want to die...I don't want to die... I don't want to die... I don't want to die...

(Another voice comes, mixing with Asuka's, saying 'Don't Die' to her..)

Asuka: I don't want to die... I don't want to die... I don't want to die...I don't want to...DIE! (Screamed)


Chibi-Asuka: Mama.. you are here? Mother!

SCENE CHANGE - Lake by the Geofront

(Big-Ass Explosion)

Soldier A: That... That is...!

Soldier B: That thing?

Unit-02 vs. Tokyo Defense Forces(Eva-02 starts kicking butt. Asuka speaks while fighting..)

Asuka: Mama.. Mama! I understand now. The meaning of the AT Field. It's always protecting me! Always watching over me! Always.. always together! Mother!

(Scene changes quickly to Misato in her car)

Maya (On Radio): EVA-02 has activated. Asuka is ok! Still alive!

Misato: Asuka?

(Scene changes back to fight)

Soldier A: Cable! That things power source...cable! Concentrate all fire power on it.

Asuka: SHIT! Even without the cable.. There's still 12,000,000,000,000,000 (quadrillion) volts of power in the AT Field. I can not lose! Watch me!

SEELE 01 (Off Screen): EVA should be existing like dogs...

(SCENE CHANGE to SEELE meeting room..)

SEELE 01: Have they become a burden again? After all, poison has to be stopped by poison.

(Scene changes back to Asuka. EVA-05 to EVA-13 are released)

Asuka: EVA series? They have already been completed?

(Scene changes to NERV control room..)

Kouzou: All nine units carrying the S2 system have been deployed. Isn't that going a bit overboard? Maybe they want to start it here...?

(Back to Asuka.. to watch the EVAs land, then to Misato, on the phone)

Misato: Asuka Soryuu, you must destroy that group of EVAs. Shinji will come to assist you immediately. Do your best. Can EVA-01 use exit #20?

Makoto (On phone): The power source has been protected perfectly. As long as you enter within three minutes, you can directly reach gateway #7.

(Makoto starts dragging Shinji, and the
SCENE CHANGEs back to Asuka)

Asuka: I must destroy them? That's easy for her to say! I have to take care of nine units in three and a half minutes. That means 20 seconds per unit.

(Asuka attacks, and twists one over her head)

Asuka: Cheers!


Misato: Here it is.

(They are shot at..)

Soldier A: So?

Soldier B: We missed the target. Waiting for order to chase them or not..

Voice from Radio: Go ahead. We will take care of here. Return immediately afterwards.

Soldier B: Yes, sir.

(Misato and Shinji escape..)

Misato: This way... we can probably hold them off for a while. You ok? It's nothing too serious. There's still power, Shinji. Hey, Shinji.. from now on you are alone. You have to make decisions by yourself. Nobody can help you.

Shinji: I... I can't do it, always hurting everyone.. That's why I've gotten into EVA up to this point. I don't have this quality. I... I said that I can only get into EVA. But that point is past.

(Script gets funny at this point. He means that his attitude up to this point was to get into EVA, because thats all he can do. But that was in the past.)

Shinji (cont): I really don't know anything, myself.. But getting onto EVA.. I don't have that quality anymore.. I can't do anything to help other people! I have done something horrible to Asuka. And I killed Kaworu. I do not have a kind, gentle side. I'm only a weak-hearted, wicked boy. I can only hurt other people! So, I'm not going to do anything!

Misato: Nobody will pity you. If you don't want to hurt other people, then don't do anything, and die! Crying is useless right now! You hate yourself, right? That's why you can hurt other people, because you know hurting people is more painful than hurting yourself. But no matter what happens, that is always decided by yourself. It is all worthwhile, Shinji. They are all things that matter to you. Instead of living a foolish life, think about what you can do. Solve the problem by yourself.

Shinji: Misato, you are an outsider. You don't understand a thing!!

Misato: So what if I'm an outsider!? Do you want to die here? If you stay here and do nothing, I won't forgive you. I will NEVER forgive you. Right now, taking care of yourself is not the priority. In the future, if you find out you are wrong, and regret, that is what I have been saying. Only being selfish and hating myself. But... I feel... in between, I'm still looking forward. Listen, Shinji, get into EVA again and finish everything. Get into EVA to face the question 'Why are you here?'. 'Why do you come here?'. Find your own answer. And then... After finishing things... you must return.

(Misato gives Shinji her cross)

Misato: It is a promise. Now, go.

(Misato kisses Shinji) Misato kisses Shinji

Misato: This is an adult's kiss. We will do the rest when you come back.

(Misato pushes Shinji through, and collapses)

Misato: If I knew it would be this way earlier, I would do what Asuka said...Get some carpet in this place...Right? Kaji... am I doing the right thing?

(Shinji in an elevator.. crying)

Asuka vs. Production EvasSCENE CHANGE - Asuka in the Fight with the EVA Series.

(The fight continues, then
SCENE CHANGEs to Shinji in NERV)

Asuka (On Speaker): Damnit! That idiot Shinji!

(Back to the fight for a bit, then
SCENE CHANGEs to Central Dogma/Lilith)

Ritsuko (Off screen): You didn't come when I was waiting for you.

(Ritsuko appears, and pulls out a gun. Scene goes back to the fight for a moment longer, then back to Ritsuko)

Ritsuko: Sorry, I just changed mother's program. All for this final moment. Mother, please die with me.

(Ritsuko clicks something)

Ritsuko: Wha..? Not activated? Eh? Caspar opposed it! Mother... you want to protect your man and let your daughter...

(Gendou pulls gun)

Gendou: Akagi, actually... (He then speaks, but you can't hear him..)

Ritsuko: That is not true..

(She dies, scene goes to NERV Control Room)

Makoto: So, how is it?

Maya: It will reach its active limit in less than one minute! At this rate, Asuka will...

(Back to the fight)

Asuka: I can not lose!

(Shot of Shinji)

Asuka (On Speaker): Mother, wait for me!

Shinji: Mama.. Mother?

(Back to fight)

Asuka: This is the last one!
The Longinus Lance?

(Asuka gets stabbed in the head. Back to the control room)

Maya: Internal power source is depleted... reached its active limit. EVA-02... silent. What is this? The destroyed... EVA series?

(Shot of the EVAs waking)

Maya: EVA series active again!

Shigeru: Do they want to finish her off now?

(The EVAs rip apart EVA-02)

Makoto: What happened?

Maya: See for yourself! I can't stand it anymore!

Makoto: This is...? Unit 02?

(Back outside, where EVA-02 has been torn apart)

Asuka: Kill you all... Kill... kill... kill you all... Kill... kill you all... kill you all... Kill you all... kill you all... kill you all...

(Control Room)

Makoto: Berserk?

Maya: Asuka, don't do that!


Asuka: Kill you all... kill you all... kill you all...

(Asuka is killed. Back to Shinji)

Maya (On Speaker): Shinji! Where are you? Asuka, she.. Asuka, she...!

Shinji: I can not get into EVA. There's no way...

(EVA-01 breaks out..)

Shinji: Father...?

(Back to Rei and Gendou)

Gendou: Unit 01 is active?


Soldier A: How can it be? Unit 01? What a demon!

Shinji: Asuka...

(Shinji screams)

(END OF CD #1)

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